Political carnage set apart, headlines of recent papers and online properties are crammed full with unemployment statistics flaring in blaze alongside bonus cuts. Let us not linger too much on the top CEO’s interminable zeros, as they are equivalent, on average, to 296 employees further down the hierarchical chain of command. Smirking? Do not, it is coming your way. If you will like to find a way to ear more money online and way faster than most normal jobs, go here.

Budget cuts, be it justified or not, will reach each and every organization of this world. The perfect excuse is laid out in the open, these are matters of crisis, and priority is given to survival. First start with reducing headcount, and then reduce your marketing budget. Why spend on marketing and advertising with a media planning agency during crisis? (Kindly read this last sentence on a sarcastic tone).

Still smirking, knowing that you will probably – certainly – not be warranted a bonus this year? Well, it remains advisable to prepare yourself ahead of time and eradicate any potential disappointment. It is either this, or be an adept of unemployment, which is unfortunately, ravaging all industries. This is your opportunity cost, that of your survival.

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If I could wish for 3 outcomes from this crisis, it would be accountability, credibility and responsibility. I would like to see consumers reward socially responsible companies, with leadership that is held accountable for their performance, and penalize greedy companies. As consumers, we hold the greatest power in the world, as we have seen the rippling and dire impact of US consumers closing their wallets. Therefore, as consumers, let’s start demanding a new era of marked responsibility and empathy.

Erin added these pithy words on Feb 05 09 at 7:49 am

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