Are you worried about your job future in 2009…or past 2009? Is it considered tentative in this upset market time? Is the stress building to crescendos not seen in a Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture? Look to your family. Your family may also be getting vibes from you and are worried too! Take that extra moment and spend time with them. If you do not have children and are married or are in a relationship, curry your partner with no expense favors. Give him or her some time and about your frustrations…he or she are probably having similar upsets. The conversations can lead to a new strength in the relationship. The key word is not just to talk but to LISTEN. Your partner may have the one key idea that might offer a release or the gambit needed to resolve your quandary.

You may have children…give them a chance to see you in a new light. Make an interesting change in your habits with them. A piece of time, a game, a trip to the park. It doesn’t cost anything but some time. A fun game that I used to play with my son and daughter when I was going through extremely rough times in a divorce, was to take them to the Dollar store once a week. Each week I gave them a dollar, plus tax of course, and we had a stratagem each week. One week would to find something that you thought the other person would like. The next week was something for the kitchen, something goofey..the idea is endless. My kids are now 17 and 20…and we did that this Christmas time. Not only was the time fun, but the remembrance of past times were heart warming for us all!

It may not seem like this is time for trying to set new free time standards as we are all sweating out new CHANGE. I’ve been told change is good…many times it hasn’t been as it upset the comfort I was used to. However CHANGE is inevitable, and CHANGE we must. Let CHANGE work for you in your personal time. Resilient we are!

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