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This blog is brought to you by Born Interactive. It is a pro-active initiative to face the year 2009’s negative vibes and uncertainty due to the evolving and escalating global financial crisis. We dedicate this blog to all the positive-minded people who seek opportunities in trying times, who view problems as challenges and who always look ahead and work for a brighter future. At the threshold of 2009, it is neither destructive pessimism nor blind optimism that is needed but a state of “optinism”, which is why we launched this blog in the first place.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering…“optinism”? Written with an “n”? Must be a typo, right? Wrong! It’s a word we just coined, right here at Born Interactive, to designate a new state of mind to tackle the upcoming year: we “opt in”, willingly, to face all the uncertainty that 2009 is bringing.

Optinism is a new word derived from optimism, positive mindedness and the fact of opting in, which is a willingly taken decision by each one to adapt a tendency to expect the best possible outcome or dwell on the most hopeful aspects of a situation, identify opportunities,  and to face all possible challenges through positive thinking, adaptability, persistence, hard work, pro-activity and increased levels of creativity, flexibility, efficiency and productivity.

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