Yes, bitter memories from 2008; pessimistic about 2009? Be not, for it will inflict behavioral changes, stirring you away from bad habits – hopefully that is.

Too many installments left on your Italian-design-Japanese-conception-China-made egg stirrer? Still feeling soreness on your lips’ job leasing? That hand-tailored suit weighted a bit too much on your earn-free-air-miles-credit card?

2009 will compel you to live within your own means.

Credit crunches will restore reason. We shall accept to drive cars less than five meters long with a hood ornament. Our children will skip obligatory attendance in each and every club around town. Fancy clothes will have to go without the three to four digit tag. It will be fine not to apply for a loan each and every time LCD screens grow an inch.

Behavioral change often inflicts painful resistance with a significant compromise on certain lifestyles we lead. We tend to worry about our “social image” and invest beyond our means to maintain stature. Try investing in culture, for a change, or have they not provided loans for it yet?

No, this will not drive consumption down, but rather oblige society to spend its hard earned income with much caution, and most importantly, within its means. If the demand for salmon pizza goes down, so will its price, and then you will be able to savor it, without credit card abuse.

This change will not occur overnight, and will take time. It should serve as a lesson to be learned, for times to come (wishful thinking).

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Here is an article to illustrate what you are saying:

Recessionista added these pithy words on Jan 06 09 at 1:47 pm

I strongly suggest to go for “” and actually watch their movie (i have a copy for the interested).

This financial crisis is by no means a “Crash” for the Capitalist system. It is rather a house cleaning operation for a better control of the world by big corporations.

Behavioral change will push you to spend even more! why? theory of scarcity! Instead of having huge competition, you will have limited options with no much items in stock! You want a fast car with very low fuel consumption? go for the new NISSAN! but hey! Chrysler, GM, Ford are not there anymore (due to the latest crash and other crash to follow in the coming years or decades)… So, instead of getting the NISSAN now at 40K, you will get it in few years at 70K$! You can still take the tube (Metro)! but the tube will be filled with homeless and jobless people… in a Capitalist system, these people are put in society to always remind you that you are different (you feel better about yourself when you see those people), and you have to fight to keep going up.

Once again, as put in my previous blog, the only way to wake up from illusions, is to broadcast our minds and share more and more knowledge with others. There is an unlimited potential for everything, unlimited amount of fuel, unlimited amount of water, foods, steal, etc… there is also an unlimited potential for fun, peace, relashinships and Love!

We just need to keep our eyes open, and actually start using them :) corporations are eager for more profit (You have to understand them, it is their only reason to live). This eagerness for profit is rushing everyone into financial crises, family crises, depression, hate, etc…

Obama won the elections with unprecedented crashing majority, with multi-billion $ campain! Where did he get all the money from?? Corporations (Manufacturing, IT, Telecom, Investment firms, etc…)! and now, for 4 years (or 8 as usual), he has to pay back his bills! just like everyone is doing with personal credit cards, loans, etc… How?? mark my words:
- Privatisation of the electricity in various countries(To which private corporation? with who’s money?)
- Privatisation of the water in various countries (Like they did in Bolivia, where all water is privatized, and people have to pay the private water company to get their own bolivian water)
- Privatisation of every telecom/mobile operator in the region
- Privatisation of Oil resources
- More loans from IMF and World Bank for poor countries (to get the money back with interest)
- etc…

Oil went up to 150$! Arabs filled their pockets!
what did they do with the money? Injected Europe and the USA with money by buying various firms, banks, etc…
Directly after that, a financial crash! KSA is 50 Billion Dollar short of budget in 2009! now it is the westerner’s time to put Arabs back on their knees, put their conditions to control the business in the Middle East! Oil today is at 37$!!

Everything is going private, and that’s how big corporations will make money! and people will (as they always did) adapt (i.e. change their behaviour) to follow the corporation’s business plans (which main aim is “More Profit”).

So… this is an endless vicious circle, and have been going on since the 18th century… Today, with the third wave of wealth, the internet is an opportunity to be used to fight this ruthless system… so before the internet goes private, let’s all use it wisely to ignite some change…

Fuseless added these pithy words on Jan 07 09 at 10:06 pm

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