If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering…“optinism”? Written with an “n”? Must be a typo, right? Wrong! It’s a word we just coined, right here at Born Interactive, to designate a new state of mind to tackle the upcoming year: we “opt in”, willingly, to face all the uncertainty that 2009 is bringing.

For several months now, the global financial and real estate sectors have been in crisis. There is even talk of a recession on a global scale, expected to impact all sectors and economies large and small. Clearly, 2009 is concealing a lot of uncertainty. Nevertheless, I truly believe that through positive thinking, hard work, and intelligent planning – through “optinism” – uncertainty can be turned into a certainty of progress and success.

What makes me think so? Is this belief coincidental? Well, as a 38-year-old Lebanese citizen, I’ve witnessed more than the typical share of daily dilemmas and economic disasters, but I’ve also witnessed firsthand how resilience, persistence and positive thinking can be the key for overcoming any crisis.

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To Opt or not to Opt, that is the question. In a country where the government plays merely no role in regulating a crisis or an euphoric growth, to Opt-in might have negative consequences.
As to my choice I strongly believe that constructive, positive, and solution seeking attitude is the best choice. I Opt-In.

S Sarouphim added these pithy words on Jan 01 09 at 8:41 am

Two thumbs up!!! Great idea. I strongly agree…

Zeina Nammour added these pithy words on Jan 02 09 at 11:27 pm

a great financial figure once said:
“when blood is on the street, buy property”

I keep it up to your immagination to see how to extrapolate this saying to the current financial crisis :)

Fuseless added these pithy words on Jan 07 09 at 10:19 pm

These thoughts are really positive. I believe that difficult situations are incinta to surpass itself, an invitation to work, an opportunity to demonstrate our value added in a system. I am better in French, but I must make progress in English … and I’m optinism. Next stage …

Camille GOUJU-HERNANDEZ added these pithy words on Jan 09 09 at 9:09 pm

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